How to write effective and attention grabbing resume ?

If you want to land into a new job , then an impeccable resume is a crucial step. Recruiters contact the person whose profile they find impactful and whose resume highlights what they are looking for. At LinkedIn and glassdoor like social channels , you need to be careful while composing a resume and professional summary.

Here are few tips to get you a job offer through your resume , all you need to do is to follow these steps and get your desired compensation.

🖌Write headline on the top, that should mention your name and your profession or your position that you are interested in. ‼️

🖌Right below the headline , you should add your contact info , like :- Instagram Id , Facebook Id , LinkedIn customized link or your phone numbers or email address.❗️❗️

🖌Your email address should sound professional , unlike --"". If you don't have professional email address , then you should create one before embarking on resume.❕❕

🖌You should describe your startups or undertaken projects , or any sort of business achievement in about 2 or 3 sentences or your part time job at any store or company.❗️❗️

🖌You should mention your general skills like public speaking , perseverance or far sighted thinking or effective time management skills etc .in separate section with important keywords but avoid to write whole sentences. ‼️

🖌You should mention your specific skills related to career you are in or you want to pursue in separate body paragraph.❕❕

🖌You should accurately write down your educational degrees or diploma certification or link any recommendation letter in your resume. ‼️

Nkugwa Mark William is a Chemical and Process engineer , entrepreneur, software engineer and a technologists with Apps on google play store and e commerce sites