Toxic Positivity

(The dark side of excessive positivity)🌑

Toxic positivity relates to the situation of mind numbing positivity, due to which we tend to deny awful incidents and experiences, and project ourselves into extreme state of denial.

For instance, someone has started smoking in our house, but we calm ourselves by saying, "It is okay , no worries" , he/she will get rid of it sooner or later. But practically, this is not okay at all. If someone starts smoking, it is literally hard for them to leave smoking and be normal. ‼️

To conclude, that extreme amount of positivity…

Listening : A Key Communication Skill ;!

🖍Effective listening can make the biggest difference in relationships and business.

🖍Listening is not inherited trait. A person develops this trait consciously.

🖍Effective listening should not be messed up with waiting until latter one stops speaking.

🖍Effective listening includes non-verbal and non-audible gestures n paying attention on what the speaker is trying to say.

🖌The ability to listen well is such a valuable skill that it can make a person unforgettable.

🖍The experience of listening varies from person to person.

🖌First, when person is doing his /her work during listening to another person…

How to write effective and attention grabbing resume ?

If you want to land into a new job , then an impeccable resume is a crucial step. Recruiters contact the person whose profile they find impactful and whose resume highlights what they are looking for. At LinkedIn and glassdoor like social channels , you need to be careful while composing a resume and professional summary.

Here are few tips to get you a job offer through your resume , all you need to do is to follow these steps and get your desired compensation.

🖌Write headline on the top, that…

How to build a great team?

¶¶ To build a strong team, you must see someone else's strength as a complement to your weakness and not a threat to your position or authority. ¶¶

No one is an expert in everything, the strongest businesses are built on the smartest people – not on one person., I've learned that strong leaders don't fight to have the first and last word. They listen to their teams, ask the right questions,❔❓⁉️ and give everyone the chance to contribute. Instead of trying to do it all, find people who can do it better. …

  1. Practical understanding of the fundamentals( and I say practical not just knowing the laws and principles governing nature but visualizing them in your mind)
  2. Design, how to add human factors and ergonomics to the design, and a deep understanding of fluid mechanics and CFD to make you design better-performing products.
  3. Empathy is the basis of all ethics and now lacking in the world and if you do any training or get a book on project management it is even the first step to developing an idea. So before you develop any idea first have empathy and ask yourself if I…



Millionaires never do a
business called mine; they only do a business called OURS. They understand the power of many and the power of unity and form companies. However, the poor operate individually and only for a season.

There is a Chinese saying that says “What one strong man cannot do in one hundred years will only take 100 ordinary people to do in three months”. This means that by pulling together you can bring the future to the present.


Millionaires work with like…


*1. Tell us about yourself?*

The interviewer is not interested in

hearing stories; they simply expect to know your academic and professional achievements, your name and the institution you currently work for.

Take a minutes to introduce yourself, and state your recent academic qualification and your

relevant experience (if any)

*2. Why do you think you are the best candidate?*

The recruiter expects you to tell them about your professional achievements and the unique skills you possess that will add value to the organization.

If you are a Customer Care graduate then you should tell…

Nkugwa Mark William

Nkugwa Mark William is a Chemical and Process engineer , entrepreneur, software engineer and a technologists with Apps on google play store and e commerce sites

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